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1 On 1 Personal Training

Get to train with a certified personal trainer, coaching and guiding you along the way both online and in person.

1 On 1 Personal Training

Alongside throughout your fitness journey you're guided by a certified personal trainer ready to keep you accompanied, accountable and determined every step of the way to every challenging workouts and fitness goals you've set for yourself.

The 1 On 1 Personal Training will consist of having a fitness goal assesment where the coach will learn about you and your daily habits in and out the gym and construct ways that will help you step by step to get to your fitness goals.

Trainining will be provided for you with the appropriate ammount of challenges and difficulties that are related to your goals while keeping the workout as fun and exciting as possible. No matter if your goals are to lose weight, get toned or improve strength.

Nutrition coaching will also be very important factor on the 1 On 1 Personal Training. It will be consisting of honest communication with your coach about your eating habits while focusing on the simplest possible steps to make the right changes in order for your nutrition get you to your fitness goals.

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