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My name is Mark Joseph Beltran. I have been a trainer for 3 years, I specialize in weight loss, muscle gain and body composition. I am an ISSA personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, strength and conditioning coach and licensed massage therapist. I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and have helped a significant number of clients to either lose weight, transform their body and gain strength. My niche in the fitness community are clients that are looking to either lose weight, body recompositioning and strength training. I assist clients with not only their workouts and nutrition but also with as much depth into the client's individuality and have an adaptive approach to how I progress each client’s on the right path to their fitness journey.

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Starting November 10, 2022* PRICES: Single session to 3 sessions per week $50/session (50-60 min.) 4 to 5 sessions per week $40/session (50-60 min.) $5 fee/session added if client wants to train at th

ONLY offering up to 60-120 min. massage 60 min. sports massage - $60/session 90 min. sports massage - $90/session 120 min. sports massage - $120/session $10 fee added/session for gas expenses.

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