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My name is Mark Joseph Beltran. I have been a trainer for 3 years, I specialize in weight loss, muscle gain and body composition. I am an ISSA personal trainer, certified nutrition coach, strength and conditioning coach and licensed massage therapist. I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and have helped a significant number of clients to either lose weight, transform their body and gain strength. My niche in the fitness community are clients that are looking to either lose weight, body recompositioning and strength training. I assist clients with not only their workouts and nutrition but also with as much depth into the client's individuality and have an adaptive approach to how I progress each client’s on the right path to their fitness journey.

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Updated: Dec 8, 2022

When you’re trying to lose weight just know that your on it for the long run and that it’s a lifestyle change not a temporary change.

Most people who try to lose weight have VERY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. Knowing that you’ve already been “overweight” or “out of shape” for more months or years than you’ve actually been trying to lose weight is fair enough for you to not expect rapid results as soon as you actually do something about your weight loss. It safe to assume that the time you’ve done nothing to lose weight outweighs the time you’ve give effort to lose weight and that itself is enough to not be discouraged when you don’t see very flashy results day after day.

I understand that most people won’t get this as soon as they jump in their weight loss journey but if you think that you’re obligated to be getting all the result you want at the time that you want them it would most likely give you disappointment and frustration.

Focus on the long run and focus on what gets the result not the results itself, when you have this perspective you’ll appreciate your hard work even more and results will come inevitably 👍🏽 #lvac #weightloss #realistic #journey #lvaccoach #gymlasvegasgym #lasvegascoach #fitness

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